About Us

Worldplay Management Strategies is the new star on the Real Estate horizon. European and Costa Rican professionals not selling you only land and properties, but taking complete care of you and your project:

Worldplay Management Strategies offers three complementary services:

Worldplay MS Real Estate gives you down-to-earth-advice in the hard Real Estate business and honest consulting before getting started. Worldplay MS Real Estate searches the market for you to find adequate properties. A complete check of the legal status of the land is indispensable before we offer to its clients. After the first visit of the property, Wordplay intermediates in the negotiation between the buyer and the owner until the transfer of the title of the property to the new owner.

Most Realtors stop here, but Worldplay MS does a lot more for its clients:

Worldplay MS Project Management takes complete care of client´s investment, whether he is planning a new construction or is running a new business in Costa Rica.

As Costa Rica is an ecologically conscious country, more and more rules have to be respected and considered. We do all the documentation to obtain the permits to build. In agreement with the client´s wishes, we work out a plan with the architect and the builder to make your dream come true. Environmental studies, construction permits, municipality documents and insurance will be in order, absolutely transparent and available at any moment. We supervise the construction and control the construction process in oreder to deliver a complete turnkey project.

If you already have a business in Costa Rica, we offer consulting, work out a business plan and audit your accounting. We structure your enterprises to integrate them into a profitable organization.

Worldplay MS Property Management takes over to administrate and protect your investment while you are away. We watch over your project and keep record on the incomes, expences controlling all costs. Reports as well as detailed statements of expenses are periodically submitted to the client.

Worldplay Management Strategies
is completely dedicated to the wishes of its clients. Fulfilling and overpassing your expectations is our aim. We provide our clients a complete transparency of all our actions in order to get their full satisfaction.